March 7, 2022

How Inflatable Toy Supplier Customize Promotional Shark?

It was a special project since our client knew few about inflatable toys manufacturing. For this reason, the client made lots of changes on the product compared to his initial idea. Absolutely, we quite appreciated the client’s flexibility and patience. Though as an experienced Inflatable Toy Supplier, we would not be able to take this business without the client’s support.

Today I am gonna show you how we customize the promotional inflatable shark. Here is a step by step guide based on our process. Kindly use the links below to jump to a specific section.

1. The Clients Design Cannot Be Put Into Practice

When the client first came to us, he brought very detailed AI design file and confidently conveyed his product concept. Based on design file, we calculated the total costs and offered an approximate price. Without any bargaining, the client happily accepted the price.

We had a quick look at the design file. Consequently, though as a practiced inflatable toy supplier, we underestimated the technical difficulty of this product. During the sample making process, we found that it’s very hard to customize the same shark mouth shape as the design. To be frank, our factory technology cannot meet the client’s requirements.

The Client’s Design Cannot Be Put Into Practice - Customized By Inflatable Toy Supplier

2. How to Solve the Factory Process Problem

We honestly told the technical difficulty to the client and thought that we had lost this business. Astonishingly, the client didn’t give up and he would be willing to change the design based on our factory process. With the client’s trust and expectation, we decided to provide free proofing.

After that, we started to make an inflatable shark with the conventional factory process. Follow the size and shape of the design, finally we made out the first sample. According to the sample, the client began to re-design the product and update us the design file.

3. Endeavor to Make the Satisfactory Sample

For the first sample, the client proposed some amendments. Firstly, round the 2 corners of shark head. Secondly, try to remove the folds from the corners where would print shark eyes. Thirdly, do not make the four wings sharp, be rounder. Fourthly, make some part of the body fatter, do not let people feel the body suddenly become thinner.

Endeavor to Make the Satisfactory Sample - Customized By Inflatable Toy Supplier

As a qualified inflatable toy supplier, we propelled the sample modification without any delay. In 2 days, we submitted a new sample. The second sample looked better but still need to improve. Likewise, we responded quickly and re-submitted the upgraded samples. Eventually, the client approved the sample with satisfaction.

So for now the overall shape was fixed. Next step would be confirming the printing. The client asked the plane size picture, that is detailed dimension drawing of each body part of the shark. At first, we were confused about his request. However, we could totally understand what he wanted until we finished the below size picture.

detailed dimension drawing of each body part of the shark

4. Clients Concern Before Bulk Order

Since this was the first time the client buying from inflatable toy supplier, he enquired following questions.

4.1  Whats the production process of inflatable toys?

Here is the complete process of inflatable toys manufacturing: Sample Approval → Place Bulk Order → Order PVC Material → Cutting Material → Printing → Product Producing → Inflation Test (Quality Checking) → Customize Packaging → Packing → Arrange Shipping

4.2  How Inflatable Toy Supplier Do the Inflation Test?

Normally, once the products finished, we would inflatable them around 12 hours to test if they are leaking air. After 12 hours, we would pick out the defective goods and repair the leak holes. For other good products, we would deflate them and pack into the color box or opp bag.

4.3  Whats the printing technology and is it easy to fall off?

Generally, we use silk-screen printing technology and the printing is not easy to fall off.

4.4  Do you use knife, scissor or needle during production?

During production, we won’t use knife, scissor and needle this kind of dangerous tools.

4.5 Hows its load-bearing ability?

Referring to our experience, the shark can hold 80 KGs at most.

4.6 Will the material break off after long time transport?

No, it won’t break off since PVC material is soft and designed to be folded.

5. Proceed Bulk Production & Customize Color Box

After all details confirmed, the client placed the bulk order and paid the 30% deposit. We got the payment and began to proceed bulk production. Same as usual, as a professional inflatable toy supplier, we promise that the bulk goods quality would be same as the sample.

For the color box, the client also had higher quality standard. Therefore, we kept an eye on the color box manufacturing and tried to provide best quality. Fortunately, there was no issue on the color box.

6. Inspect Goods & Arrange Shipping

The client appointed the third party to inspect the bulk goods in our factory. Undoubtedly, we passed the inspection without any issue. Moreover, we delivered the good on time and helped the client arrange shipping after receiving the balance payment.

And most remarkably, in the end of this project, the client gave us a high rating. He told that this project would not be successful if without our help. Meanwhile, thanks for this project, we also learned a lot. Certainly, a good business not only brings money, but also can benefit both parties in many aspects.

The End

Thank you for coming with me here. I hope this article can help you know more about how to customize your own products through an inflatable toy supplier. Feel free to send an inquiry. Kindly leave a comment below and we will get you in touch as soon as possible.

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