March 14, 2022

How to Customize Inflatable Promotional Products? Case Study

Inflatable toys are welcomed as one kind of promotional items. Because of its obvious features, such as cheap prices, easy to transport, simple production process, etc. Nowadays, more and more buyers are looking to customize their own Inflatable Promotional Products to promote their brands.

Today I am gonna show you how we customize the promotional inflatable chicken rolls. Here is a step by step guide based on our true process. Kindly use the links below to jump to a specific section.

1. Discuss the Reasonable Toy Shape

In most cases, our clients would get everything prepared before reaching us, such as AI design files, targeted prices, etc. However, when this client first came to us, he only had one product picture in hand. As an expert inflatable promotional products manufacturer, we would love to help the client proceed step by step.

Firstly, we confirmed with the client about product size. Secondly, referring to the physical object, its body looked like a cylinder. The discussion happened on its top. Since it’s a chicken roll, its top is rugged, which would be hard to be well described by factory workmanship.

Therefore, in order to decrease the costs and production difficulty, we suggested to make the top round, which could present an effect as below picture.

Discuss the Reasonable Toy Shape - Customized By Inflatable Promotional Products Manufacturer

Thirdly, after the product shape decided, the client began to prepare the pattern design files and sent us in 3 days. Lastly, we calculated the costs and quoted the price based on all the product info. Without doubt, the client accepted our quotation with alacrity. Once receipt of the sample fee, we quickly started to make the sample.

2. Pattern Printing Was the Biggest Problem

During sample making, we found that the pattern on top was very difficult to print well because of too many colors included. Normally, the printing factory can only accept 5 to 6 colors for one pattern at most. If more than 6 colors, the printing machine cannot work well.

3. How Did We Solve the Printing Issue

In this case, we explained to the client and clearly told the limit of our printing technology. Fortunately, the client expressed his understanding and modified the design file. He decreased the color numbers of the top pattern. Finally, we successfully printed out the right one.

Though as an experienced inflatable promotional products manufacturer, we have to admit the limited ability on the technologies. However, we have been endeavoring to develop and make progress. I believe currently we are able to take more challenging projects.

4. We Failed to Pass the Goods Inspection

The client entrusted the third party to inspect the bulk goods. Unfortunately, we didn’t pass the inspection. They did a spot check and found that over 10% of the product printing was “dirty”. Some extra print occurred on the product.

Without any delay, we quickly traced the cause. We checked with the printing factory why had this happened. They told that there were a mistake when the printing machine first started operating. It resulted in some extra print stained with the foremost PVC material.

5. How to Deal With the Bulk Goods Problem

I should say that this was the first time we encountered this issue. Since as an qualified inflatable promotional products manufacturer, we always assure our clients that the bulk goods quality would be strictly same with the samples. Faced with this situation, we didn’t feel a lost and actively engaged in.

We dealt with the problem in 2 ways,

  • Hired more people to pick out the dirty products and wipe the extra printing on the products. This step would bring us much more labor costs. But that’s our responsibility. We were obligated.
  • Asked the printing factory to print out more clean material. We would use the material to produce more to make up the order quantity in case some extra print cannot be cleaned.

The solutions worked well and eventually we passed the second inspection by the third party. The client was very nice and gave us a credit. We were also very appreciated the client’s support. Favorably, we had been establishing a long-term cooperation relationship since this business.

6. Arrange Shipping

As usual, after receiving the balance payment from the client, we would help arrange the shipment. The client doesn’t have a forwarder in our city. So we recommended some professional forwarders and helped compare the shipping prices. Luckily, we got a practiced local forwarder to deal with the all the shipping matters.

The End 

Thank you for coming with me here. I hope this article can help you know more about how to customize your own products through an inflatable promotional products supplier. Feel free to send an inquiry. Kindly leave a comment below and we will get you in touch as soon as possible.

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